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We were among the first lawyers who practiced in this area in China, having assisted overseas franchisors in developing franchisees as well as other legal matters in China even before the promulgation of the Regulations for Franchising, and helped them in franchising registration after the promulgation of the Regulations.

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Trademark/Brand Protection

By cooperating with other professional organizations, we have worked out a unique flow process for combatting trademark/brand counterfeiting.

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Shipping and Maritime

We have rich experience in this area, having representing shippers, carriers, charterers, freight forwarders and other players in this sector before Chinese courts and arbitral tribunals.


International Trade

We have provided legal service to a great number of trading companies doing import/export to/from China. The problem may relate to the sales contract, letter of credit, insurance, etc.


Corporate matters

We help corporate clients in formation of companies, preparation of corporate documents, transfer of shares, solving shareholder disputes, etc.


Other civil and business matters

Including matters concerning contracts, property, employment, inheritance, torts, etc.


Litigation and arbitration

While we recommend taking precautious measures to avoid potential disputes, and seeking amicable solution if possible and acceptable, we do have rich experience in litigation and arbitration.


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